What time is check-in?

The rooms will be ready by 4pm. However if you want to drop your luggage beforehand, let me know and I will open the door for you.

How can I get in at the front door?

I will do my very best to be there when you arrive. However, in the exceptional case that I can not make it, then I will open the door from a distance. Welcome!

What time is check-out?

Please leave the room by 11am so we can get the room ready for new guests.

Can we have a late check-out?

No, sorry. We need the time to thoroughly clean the rooms for the next guests.

Where can we park our car?

There’s abundant parking in our street. It’s free from 7pm until 9am, on Sundays and holidays. The rest of the time you can park a full day for only 4€. You can pay with coins, SMS or app.

Where can we stall our bicycles?

We have a large entrance hall where you can safely stall your bikes. There are also plugs if you want to recharge batteries.

How do I know which room I’m in?

All rooms are up the stairs. The name of the room is indicated on top of the door. Please check your reservation to see which room you’re in.

Can you guarantee the best rates and conditions when booking directly on this website?

Yes! I can and I will. You won’t find a better deal elsewhere.

What happens if I make the reservation through another website (eg. booking.com)?

Basically you will pay more and get worse service online. Also we will have to pay a commission. The only real winner here is booking.com …  So, yes, direct bookings are greatly appreciated.

What happens if I cancel my reservation?

Please inform us by phone or email. Check our cancellation policy for details.

If you made the reservation on any other website then OYOkortrijk.be (eg. booking.com) then it is subject to the policy of that third party. Please contact them for more information.

Is there really no elevator?

No, sorry. This house is from 1930. It’s just not possible… If you need someone to help you get the luggage upstairs, don’t hesitate to call me.

Can I bring my child/baby?

Sorry, no. We have carefully made the choice not to let children (-14) accommodate here. The house is simply not suited for children. All minors (14 -18) need to be accompanied by an adult.

Do you hate children?

No. We have a wonderful  daughter and love her very much. Children are awesome.

Can I bring my pet?

No, no pets allowed.

Do you hate..

No I don’t hate pets. Pets are great.

You mentioned ‘Eco-Friendly’…

All toilets run on rain water. The water is heated by a solar water heater. We invested in thick and eco-friendly insulation. The mattresses are made form 100% biological materials. We clean with environmentally-friendly products. All radiators have smart thermostats. We try to use as much recyclable/re-usable materials. We plan on installing solar panels in the near future.