Since 2014

aparthotel OYO

Looking for a temporary and cosy stay in Kortrijk, all-in, with your own kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, living/dining area and terrace?

OYO now offers you 2 super cosy one-bedroom flats for 1 to maximum 3 people.

The aparthotel/serviced apartment is located in a quiet street close to Kortrijk railway station. Coming by car? No problem, there is always parking space in front of the door (only 4€/day). Just walk under the station and you are in the centre. Also ideal for those who have to be in Kortrijk Xpo, which is 5 minutes away by car or bus. Shopping can be done in three supermarkets, just around the corner.

Ideal for expats, temporary students, renovators, … But also for couples or a group of friends. Because rentals are possible from 1 night.

What does 'OYO' mean?

‘OYO’ is a popular Japanese expression, uttered when seen something out of the ordinary. It is often used in manga and anime. So don’t just say ‘WOW’, say ‘OYO’ like the cool kids. Next to arrigatou, it’s basically the only Japanese you should know.


OYO is located in an old townhouse, dating back to 1930, and completely renovated in 2014.  Situated in a quiet street, just a stone's throw away from the city centre and the Kortrijk train station. And also Kortrijk Xpo is only 5 minutes by car or bus (every 15 minutes).
You are a guest in our home, so first of all, WELCOME! Secondly, we are very easy-going, so sit back and relax.

Each of the 3 rooms are on the first floor. Please note that we don’t have an elevator, but I would be happy to carry your luggage upstairs. Every room is different and has a very unique feel. Be warned though, all rooms are extremely cosy.

As we want to guarantee you a nice and quiet stay, we have opted not to accommodate children. This is not a place for pets either. Sorry.

Don’t worry if you have bicycles, you can safely park (and charge) them in our large entrance hall. There's also a bicycle rental just around the corner, offering a wide selection.

The living room is for guests only. It offers books and magazines and quirky objects. Or sit on the terrace, listen to the birds and let inspiration come to you.